Glitter Tattoos / "Real Matte" Tattoos

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Glitter Tattoos are one of the best ways to add sparkle to any event. With designs for both boys and girls, everyone can find something they'll love. Glimmer Tattoos are very popular among both kids and adults. These temporary tattoos are applied to the arms, chest, shoulders, back or legs using a sanitary, one time use self adhesive glimmer tattoosstencil. Our selection of 83 available designs include butterflies, hearts, sun tribal designs, dolphins, bats, bees, flowers, peace signs, stars, spiders, frogs, angels, dragon flies, dragons, scorpions, four leaf clover, music notes, Chinese characters, Parrots, Zodiac Astrological signs, guitars, pirate's skull and crossbones, fish, a lady bug, an awesome flaming soccer ball, Yin and Yang, turtles, remembrance cause ribbon, dinosaurs, skulls, sharks, a kitty and crossbones, a vampire kiss and more. Our artist will apply a thin layer of a special cosmetic grade skin glue in the exact shape of the design chosen. Then, your choice of more than 30 different colors and shades of cosmetic grade glitter is applied to the tattoo.

Our “Real Matte” Tattoos are applied in a similar fashion to the glitter tattoos. After applying a stencil to the skin, our artist will apply our “Real Matte” ink gel. The stencil is then removed and a setting powder is placed on top of the design to absorb any excess moisture. The finished design is a matte black color that mimics the black ink color of a real tattoo.

Most of our glitter tattoos are 2 inches by 2 inches, with some as large as 2 inches by 3 inches.

glitter tattoos in orange county
glitter art

Glitter Tattoos / "Real Matte" Tattoos are great for Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Costume Parties, Baby & Bridal Showers, Wedding Receptions, School, Charity & Fundraising Events, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Open Houses, and more! Glitter tattoos are great for everyone, and adults always love to join in the fun!

We quote all company and large events individually to make sure we offer you the best service for your event.

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