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OC Fun

OC Fun now offers helium tanks. Renting a helium tank for your next event gives you much more flexibility than having to run to the local party store the morning of your event, paying to have someone else fill your balloons, and then having to drive back to the party with a car full of balloons. When you rent a helium tank, you can purchase your selection of balloons in advance and fill them conveniently on site before your event, without having the hassle of a last minute trip to the party store.

Renting a helium tank from OC Fun also ensures you wont be left scrambling from store to store looking for someone to fill your balloons. Balloon lovers everywhere are currently suffering from a global helium shortage, which has caused many local party stores to ration balloons or stop filling balloons all-together. (Click here to read more on the helium shortage!) When you book a helium tank with us, rest assured you will have a full helium tank delivered the morning of your party.

All helium tank rentals include a full tank, helium regulator (tilt valve type), material safety data sheet (MSDS), and a copy of the California Balloon Law (Penal Code Section 653.1)

NOTE: Responsible adult supervision is required at all times when working with or near compressed gas cylinders. Never allow ANYONE to inhale helium gas.

Regulator 17 Cubic Foot Helium Tank 55 Cubic Foot Helium Tank 125 Cubic Foot Helium Tank 219 Cubic Foot Helium Tank
balloon filler
*Regulator is included in rental fee
tank for 50 balloons tank for 100 balloons tank for 250 balloons tank for 400 balloons
Balloons Not Included
Size 17 Cu Ft 55 Cu Ft 125 Cu Ft 219 Cu Ft
Approx. # 9" Balloons 62 Balloons 203 Balloons 462 Balloons 811 Balloons
Cost to fill each 9" Balloon As Low as $0.73 As Low as $0.37 As Low as $0.27 As Low as $0.27
Approx. # 11" Balloons 34 Balloons 110 Balloons 250 Balloons 438 Balloons
Daily Rental Fee $60
Just $45
When Booked With an Inflatable or Concessions Machine
Just $75
When Booked With an Inflatable or Concessions Machine
Just $125
When Booked With an Inflatable or Concessions Machine
Just $215
When Booked With an
Inflatable or Concessions Machine

Multi-Day Rentals available.

Call us at (714) 914-7159 to book our helium tanks for your next party in Orange County.

Note: Due to the high cost of helium, discounts are not available on helium tank rentals. Colors of tanks may vary.

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